About Us

California Breathing is dedicated to improving the lives of people with asthma in California by leading the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Asthma in California (the Plan). California Breathing is housed in the California Department of Public Health’s Environmental Health Investigations Branch. Consistent with the priorities of the branch, California Breathing focuses on disease surveillance, increasing capacity of a broad network of partners to achieve goals in the Plan, and developing interventions that improve environmental conditions that cause or exacerbate asthma in the most vulnerable populations.

California Breathing, along with the other CDPH asthma programs, won the EPA’s 2009 Environmental Leadership Award in Asthma Management. The EPA acknowledged the CDPH programs for their leadership in addressing environmentaltriggers and coordination of community services as part of comprehensive management of asthma. Over thelast eight years, California Breathing and its partners have achieved major accomplishments in our collectiveefforts to advance the current and previous Strategic Plan for Asthma in California. The accomplishmentsreflect California Breathing’s socio-ecologic approach to reducing the burden of asthma, spanning acrossindividual, interpersonal, organizational, community, and policy levels. Many of the accomplishments focuson the environment, which mirrors California Breathing’s strong belief in primary prevention and “upstream”approaches to reducing the burden of asthma.